From soft colour, balayage to a choppy bobs and Lobs see what's trending on.


Natural Colors: Natural hair colors will continue to be in demand in 2023, as people move towards a more low-maintenance and effortless look. Think soft, warm shades of brown, blonde, and red, with subtle highlights and lowlights to add dimension and depth.

Bold Colors: Bold and vibrant hair colors will also be popular in 2023, especially among younger generations. This could include shades of purple, pink, blue, and green, often combined with pastel or metallic tones for a more unique look.

Ombré and Balayage: These coloring techniques, which create a gradual transition from dark to light or vice versa, will remain a popular choice in 2023. Expect to see more subtle, natural-looking versions of these styles, with softer blends and less contrast between shades.

Ashy Tones: Ashy blonde and brunette shades will be a big trend in 2023, as people seek out cooler, more understated hues. These colors are often achieved with a mix of ashy and beige tones, which can help to neutralize any unwanted warmth or brassiness in the hair.

Pastel Hues: Pastel hair colors have been around for a while now, but they are expected to continue to be popular in 2023. These shades can range from soft, barely-there pastels to more vibrant, eye-catching tones, and can be a great way to add some fun and personality to your hair.




When it comes to colour, you don't want something that requires too much precision, Something that has become a bit of a signature of ours is a softer, natural balayage. With the disturbance of COVID and salons shutting for months on end, people are stepping away from that fresh, highlighted look that is quite high-maintenance and is tricky to maintain well at home without your colourist.




After surviving one lockdown, we finding many of our clients are looking to restyle their grown-out styles and are instead looking for short, tapered cuts, either in their natural form or relaxed, These looks are timeless, chic, and easy to style. Opt for length at the crown, keeping things shorter at the sides.


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After the last lockdown more people start to look for an easy-to-maintain style. A lot of our clients have been requesting the effortless, undone bob. I think that this will continue to be popular going into 2023, as it’s quite a relaxed, messy style, meaning that when it grows out it will still look effortlessly chic.Shoulder-length bobs will be popular: the shag, the blunt textured bob, the cheekbone-skimming bob. Many of our clients are asking me about low-maintenance, choppy, and unstructured styles.


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Bobs and lobs might be proving popular, but long hair is arguably less demanding. Spiral perms—like long layered, wavy cuts is a look that stands the test of time. Layers are key, as you won't have to come into the salon all that often to get them freshened up. Blunt, one-length styles require a bit more maintenance, so I'd advise going messier with the finish."