Why You’ll Love It: Each and every day your hair is subject to environmental stressors that can have a dire effect on the appearance of your hair.


Air-drying and natural texture have proven their unwavering presence season after season, however, those looking for a fresh start agree that the BLOW.DRY is back.

If there is anything that the past few seasons have taught us, it is that a little effort can go a long way. Even just a slight upgrade like swapping sweatpants for yoga pants, or dusting off your sundress for a socially distanced walk around the block has the ability to bring back a sense of normalcy. When it comes to hair trends, the return of the blow-dry is giving us all the inspiration we need to reinvigorate a new sense of style this season. And, with four new BLOW.DRYproducts from KEVIN.MURPHY, getting there is even more effortless.


A line dedicated to creating long-lasting results in the salon and at home. The new BLOW.DRY line consists of EVER.SMOOTH, EVER.BOUNCE, EVER.LIFT, & EVER.THICKEN. Each one formulated with Long Chain Polymers that create a durable cross-linked network on the hair without adding weight or residue. Improving the hydrophobicity of damaged hair, these heat-activated stylers improve appearance, manageability and finish.

While each seal in moisture, restore damaged hair, repel water, fight frizz, reduce drying time and friction, each styler was developed to target a specific need when heat styling — SMOOTH, BOUNCE, LIFT, THICKEN.



-Great for all hair types and textures, this heat-activated formula helps extend the life of your blow-dry while creating a silky smooth, frizz-free finish. Borrowing technology from skincare — A Wood Bark Complex of Blue Cypress, White Cypress and Lemon Aspen behave like AHA’s to improve condition and protect the hair.



– For hair types that are looking for extra volume, EVER.LIFT is packed with powerful antioxidants from our Zen Complex and a mix of Arctic Root Extract and Tasmanian Lavender Extract. This, coupled with Long Chain Polymers works to cut down on environmental stressors, restoring damage and creating a beautiful amount of lift.



– This can be used on any hair type, however, it is especially useful for those looking for a thickening effect. Our Cotton Sprout Complex creates density and thicker-looking hair while Vitamin E and Linolenic Acid nourish strands to ensure a high shine finish.



- Formulated with many of the amazing properties of EVER.SMOOTH, this formula includes a Phyto-Nutrient complex of Turkish Silver Linden that forms a protective layer around each strand to help it achieve a bouncy finish. In addition to this, EVER.BOUNCE contains Australian Waratah Flower Extract to condition the hair, add resilience, volume and hold while still allowing for natural movement.



Each and every day your hair is subject to environmental stressors that can have a dire effect on the appearance of your hair. Everything from sunshine to heat styling can lead to damage, split ends, and even premature colour fade. The technology included in our innovative BLOW.DRY line works from the inside out to cut down on damage while creating a longer-lasting finish. A helping hand, whether at the salon or at home, BLOW.DRY is a results-driven line that helps achieve specific hair goals while extending your style’s “moment in time.”