Our Hair experts top hair stylists at Josephs hair salon are dedicated to delivering the very best service possible.

Cut & Finish

Let us unlock the true potential of your hair

We’re lucky enough to have one of biggest, and best, styling teams in the area at Josephs. Whether you are after the timeless classic or fashion-forward update, a healthy trim or holiday reshape, speak to a member of our team and we will match you and your hair to the perfect Josephs stylist.
One way does not suit all so therefore your appointment will always begin with an in-depth consultation with your stylist touching on all aspects of your lifestyle. Whether it’s time for something totally new or you just need some style maintenance our professionalism and attention to detail remains consistent.

Blow - Dry

The ultimate pick me up for any occasion.

Josephs has been perfecting the fast and fabulous blow-dry for 15 years. We decided to put all of that expertise into one of the best blowout menus in town, so that you can have great hair days whatever your style agenda.
You know when you’ve had a blow dry from the experts at Josephs ; and from that day you’ll never look back. A good blow dry is far more than just drying the hair after a cut, it is about bringing out the potential of your style and creating something unique. It is the perfect polish for a red carpet event or can provide an injection of glamour into any night out in the city.