Organic Hair Colouring 

What you put on your hair can create all sorts of problems, especially if its full of chemicals that might give results, but compromise your health and the condition of your hair. So that’s why we have sourced, and only ever use the best, natural organic products, that look after your health and also your hair, building it up to be shiny, glossy and manageable.

We can guarantee that our organic hair colours and products not tested on animal so our whole organic range free of animal cruelty also our hair colours will suit you, and last long beyond a few washes.  We will suggest a shampoo and conditioner that will suit your hair type, will be effective and won’t leave you with itches, spots, rashes or anything more sinister.

There are 2 main ranges that we use, that not only deliver the great results you deserve, but also do the least harm to you and your hair we know that because we also  using it day in day out! we use and retail keune So Pure.


What it does

So Pure Color is a mild, effective Ammonia and Paraben free hair color, inspired by nature. Enriched with essential oils and Argan oil to improve the hair structure and shine.This PPD-free range allows you to colour your hair again without the pain. The bonus is that So Pure Hair Colour products including the highlighting formula leave the hair super-shiny, soft and easy to manage. And for blonde highlights that’s nothing short of a miracle! As Blonde hair does not normally have a shine as traditional bleaching strips the hair of moisture, resulting in crispy, straw-like strands.

 So Pure hair colours never, ever tested on animals.

Why it works

Enriched with Phytokeratin, to rebuild the hair structure. Argan oil, contains vitamin A and E for added moisture and Coconut base for extra conditioning. Essential oils give you an aroma experience aligned with the So Pure philosophy.