Yuko System

The Original Japanese Hair Straightening

YUKO's specialized procedure is known also as Japanese Hair Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning. Each step is specifically tailored to recondition and maintain the health of the hair. YUKO presents high quality results without compromising the hair's health or vibrancy.

Fed up of the frizz? Find out how Yuko Hair Straightening could give you hair that behaves.

 Whether you struggle to straighten your hair at home or simply want a faster solution to taming those unruly kinks, Yuko Hair Straightening is providing a new, fuss-free way of creating gorgeously glossy, straight hair without the need to apply constant heat. Originating from Japan, the Yuko Hair System has quickly gained a reputation as the best permanent hair straightening treatment around. Now available at JOSEPHS TWICKENHAM AND ST MARGARETS , here’s everything you need to know about how Yuko Hair Straightening treatment works.


 What is Yuko Hair Straightening? Yuko Hair Straightening is a permanent hair straightening system used in leading hair salons across the globe. Created by a hair salon owner in Japan, the permanent hair straightening treatment changes the internal structure of the hair to create straight and glossy locks with a shiny and healthy finish. Yuko gives clients hair that behaves and remains straight without many of the damaging chemicals found in other hair straightening systems

Am I suitable for Yuko Hair Straightening?

The Yuko Hair Straightening system suits most types of hair, from thick and curly locks to finer hair with frizz (and anything in between!). However, the treatment may not suit clients with severely damaged hair or locks that have been heavily lightened with bleach or a hi-lift tint. Contrary to other permanent hair straightening systems, however, Yuko treatments can still be applied to clients with a small amount of bleach or lightened hair.

How often do I need treatment?

Yuko Hair Straightening is a permanent hair treatment; however, the effect will gradually grow out over time. All hair that has been straightened will remain straight, and clients will only need to revisit our hair salon periodically to have their roots treated. Depending on the difference between your natural hair texture and the texture of the straightened hair (as well as the rate of growth), this could be anywhere between every three to twelve months.

What results can I expect?

This really depends on the results you would like to see! The hair stylists at Kinks can use the treatment to completely straighten hair, or applyenough to simply ‘relax’ the hair and remove frizz without creating completely straight locks.